Slate was born

Pencil and Paper.Handwriting. Drawing. Doodling. Thinking. The basic tool for creation, communication and education. Pencil and Paper as an essential part of our culture, as of any culture before. A part of our daily life and work. Noteslate is bringing pencil and paper back, in the same but different way, with technology and improvements, social aspects, sharing and networking possibilities. A true interactive paper of the future. Much better than ever before and a bit different than ever before. 1-bit different. The Noteslate SHIRO is the first device for a new handwritten network.
Slate platform.

Simple. Unique. Sustainable. Three key features and user benefits. Discover the potential of the simplest digital interface, the handwriting interface. The core value and pure simplicity of a monochrome handwriting experience. More personal technology than ever before. And one great feature? Noteslate lasts weeks on one charge. Enjoy. And join us in bringing handwriting back to global connected society. Be part of this mission.

Thank you

Handwritten interface


The pure handwritten interface gives you new possibilities for creation and communication. Personal. Genuine. Connected. Pencil and Paper.

Design simplicity


Noteslate brings you a unique intuitive simple user experience and overall simplicity of use. Create more, consume less.

Slate possibilities


New possibilities for handwritten interaction and handwritten content sharing. These are the new horizons of common exploration.

Technical specifications

Stylus input with finger touch

Paper similar surface feel

Monochrome electronic paper

Pressure sensitive stylus

Magnesium body

Low power consumption

Unique physical sharing

Natural backlight

  • E Ink Pearl HD 6.8” 1080x1440 pixels
  • 1-bit / 16 level grayscale
  • Matte surface
  • Freescale SoloLite @1GHz + GPU
  • Memory 8GB up to 32GB with SD card
  • Wireless 802.11 abcd, Bluetooth
  • Noteslate OS
  • Dimensions: 126mm x 175mm x 10mm
  • Weight: less than 240g

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Prototype details

Here are the photos of our latest prototype

Pre-order Noteslate SHIRO
(Shipping Fall 2015)


Pre-order the earliest Noteslate device and be a part of the handwritten movement. A Pre-order includes numbered device edition.


  • Where is the first Noteslate device from 2011?

    We love that model too. It`s still under development. 6.8-inch Noteslate SHIRO is the earliest model now, the pioneer of handwritten interface. We are working hard to bring you 13.1-inch device soon.

  • Can I save the notes or share them via email?

    Of course you can save notes, you can even share pages in various ways (online - email, social networks, cloud, iOS, Android or offline - USB, your computer, etc...). You should discover the magic of direct sharing and handwritten interaction across multiple Noteslate devices.

  • I`m missing more information about the product on website.

    We are still updating the site. Please send us your feedback to press@noteslate.com

  • How I can buy Noteslate SHIRO?

    You can buy it online at our website noteslate.com.

  • Can I order from any country?

    Yes, you can order from any country. When ready, we`ll confirm you the shipping with tracking number. We have global distribution channels.

  • When are you shipping?

    The first shipping is planned for September 2015. We have production plan for next 9 months.

  • Is this the only Noteslate device?

    Yes. Right now Noteslate SHIRO is the only Noteslate device available. Based on your feedback we are planning to add larger sizes through 2015.

  • I am developer or artist?

    Always great to hear that. Please send us email at support@noteslate.com with cooperation suggestion. We would be happy to discuss what we can do together.

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